Urola Greenway Route

The Urola Green Way is an attractive route, ideal for both pedestrians and cyclists. When completely finished, it will link the whole valley, which is named after the Urola river, from its source in the foothills of Aizkorri to Zumaia, where it flows into the Cantabrian Sea. 

 The information shown here covers a greater distance than the original route of the old Urola electric railway which linked the municipalities of Zumarraga and Zumaia. The start is shown at the Mirandaola Park in Legazpi, and for 37.5 kilometres it runs through stretches of interwoven cycle paths and green ways along a route dotted with tunnels and bridges. The route runs uninterrupted as far as the Iraeta neighbourhood in Zestoa. At this point, for 4 kilometres, the route can only be followed by road as far as the Narrondo neighbourhood in Zumaia, where it once again becomes suitable for pedestrians and cyclists. The final kilometres take us to the old wharves in Zumaia, marking the end of this tourist route. This is undoubtedly an excellent transport and tourism resource which you simply must not miss.


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