Recreational areas


Additional Info

  • Town Azkoitia
  • Lacation Madariaga auzoan, Kakuta, Xoxote eta Erlo mendietara igotzeko aparkalekuaren ondoan (GI-3210 errepidea, Itziar eta Azkarate gainaren artekoa).
  • Features Mahaiak eta eserlekuak, parrila, iturria.


Additional Info

  • Town Azpeitia
  • Lacation Oñatz bidean (GI-3181 errepidea), ibilgailuak garbitzeko tokiaren ondoan.
  • Features Mahaiak eta eserlekuak, parrila.


Additional Info

  • Town Azkoitia
  • Lacation Ipintza auzoa, Zumarragarako GI-631 errepidearen ondoko auzoan.
  • Features Mahaiak eta eserlekuak, iturria.


Lau Iturri


Additional Info

  • Town Azkoitia
  • Lacation Txerloia auzoan, Anaitasuna Futbol Taldearen futbol zelaiaren aurrean eta tenis pisten ondoan.
  • Features Mahaia eta eserlekuak, iturria, tenis pistak alboan eta taberna-jatetxea 50 metrora.



* Tips to bear in mind

  • Trash. Don't leave your trash in the country side. Waste must be put into containers.
  • Fire. Take care not to start a fire, make sure to lit fire only in the barbecue grills designated for that purpose and put off the fire before you leave.
  • Dogs. They should be hold on leash so as not to damage the flora and fauna of the place and not to disturb other users.
  • Environment. We must take care of the environment and should not cut nor pull up plants, flowers or branches from the trees. Any activity that limits or damages the natural development of the species of flora and fauna of the place is prohibited.
  • Parking. Do not park vehicles in places that have not been designated as parking bays.
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