On a nearby street, we can discover the XVI century urban palace that was built outside the village walls. It owes its name to one of its residents, the educated baccalaureate Juan Martinez de Olazabal. Its most remarkable feature is the monolithic stone in the main door's arch.

Hospital and hermitage of La Magdalena

San Ignacio stayed at this hospital of La Magdalena for about 3 months in 1535.
Here he preached and taught catechism. The hermitage was restored in 1921.

Olazabal House-Palace

It is a 17th-century building which features a main façade built from sandstone having two big coats of arms ordered to be built by Juan de Olazbal, secretary to Felipe IV and accountant general of the Supreme Council of the Inquisition.

Hermitage of Olatz

The hermitage of Olatz is a small and interesting 12th-century hermitage and it holds a venerated image of Nuestra Señora de Olatz. Situated in a superb place, it offers a beautiful view of the Loiola valley.

Portalekua (Jantzi-etxea)

This XVI century house is property of the Lili Family. It was used as a vestry before going to mass or into town and thus, its nickname: "Jantzi-Etxea" or "The Dress House." It was originally built as a defense at one of the entrances to Urola's Royal Road and it has recently been remodeled to respect its original characteristics.

San Martín Church

The origin of this parish church can be traced to an earlier 16th-century temple which was remodelled. It was extended on the apse side and a new door was added in the 18th-century.

Hermitage of San Martín

Located in an area known as Beidazar in the Iraurgi valley, it dates back to the time when Azkoitia was founded. It features a tower, a big clock and a chapel which in olden times was a small hospital.

Arcángel San Miguel Church

A solid 16th-century church with a single nave. It has a simple portico with a semicircular arch.

San Pedro Parish Church

An imposing building with a look of a fortress built on a small hill. It was built after the town was founded in 1347 and it is of Gothic style with a single nave.

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