Marikutx, Azkoitia

In the areas around Azkoitia we can find the traces of its first inhabitants. The dolmens of Izarraitz and Munoaundi settlement are a witnesses to the initial settlement activity. The remains uncovered by archaeology allow us to go back 5,000 years in history.
The Marikutx megalith belongs to the Elosua-Plazentzia megalithic site. The prehistoric heritage of this megalith is scattered in the municipalities of Bergara, Azkoitia, Antzuola, Elgoibar, Soraluze and currently consists of 16 monuments (10 mounds and 6 dolmens). Most of these monuments were discovered by J. M. de Barandiaran, between 1920 and 1921. T. Aranzadi y E. Eguren helped him in the excavation between 1921 and 1922. Unfortunately, the majority of these monuments were looted before being investigated.

The route of the dolmens PR-GI 94, travels through the lands which were once a pass between the Deba and Urola valleys.
Here you can visit the ensemble of dolmens and burial mounds of the Elosua-Plazentzia megalithic site, traces of our ancestors. These dolmens are scattered through the mountain range with the presence of Karakate, Irukurutzeta and Agirreburu peaks.

 Location: Izarraitz mountain range, Madariaga neighbourhood of Azkoitia. 

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