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Immerse yourself in the colours of the Ignatian Way (II)

Azkoitia has left me trapped and on my way to Azpeitia, I decided to rest at the Hotel Loyola. What better name to rest these days, right? For tomorrow I have been recommended to visit the Parish of San Sebastián de Soreasu and while thinking about all the colours and stories that I will find, I have seen a huge red building that has intrigued me.


convento olatz


Under the Izarraitz, surrounded by green grass, and with the reflection of the blue sky and its white clouds, it gets a special aura around it. But my feet do not let me do one more step and my curiosity will have to wait until tomorrow.

As soon as I got down to breakfast I called Paco. He is going to show me the parish, but first I want to see this building because it gives me something that San Ignacio must do with this monument.

olatz konbentua



I've been trying for ten minutes to dare to ring the bell. In the end, as if the conscience asked me, is there ...? The finger has been directed to the call switch. Carmen has opened me, nice to rage, she explained to me that this was a convent. But this building holds a treasure in its back: The Chapel of Our Lady of Olatz. A chapel as simple as it was charming of the twelfth century, Ignacio de Loyola adored it, keeps the image of a Virgin of the Romanesque that gives the name to the temple, the place and many women of Euskal Herria.



ermita olatzermita olatz interior


How many times would San Ignacio visit this hermitage? Surely, as many as I visit the barrel of the bar under my house. Turning to the beauty that can arise from simplicity, I realised that I was going to be late for my date with Paco and I left for the Parish of Soreasu.


parroquia azpeitia



Paco has been walking between these walls for years. Imagine how many, who, being here, knew Juan XXIII when he was still a Cardinal of Venice, illustrious personage who would end up being first Pope and saint afterwards.



parroquia azpeitia iglesia


The Loyola are buried under the high altar and you can still see the pile where Ignatius was baptised.


iglesia azpeitia


And above our heads, an impressive organ. Together with Paco, I could go up to the choir and I have seen for the first time in my life how this musical instrument is. I like to listen to music and much, besides, but I am bad when trying to play a melody. That's what we'll leave it to the experts because sounding these tubes is not in anyone's hands.


parroquia organoorgano de azpeitia



This in its day Templar center has 8 different chapels, but perhaps, the most special, it is the one of "The Solitude".



capilla de la soledad



It was built after asking for it for Nicolás Sáenz de Elola. This one was to the conquest of Peru next to Pizarro and had to return to its native town bathed in gold. Painted in grisaille style you will seem to be in the "Divine Comedy" of Dante.



capilla soledadcapilla soledad escultura


capilla soledad techo


As I left the parish of San Sebastián de Soreasu my feet have taken me to the Magdalena. As soon as I got there I found Miren. From his hand, I have been able to see the hospital and the hermitage that the founder of the company of Jesus so well knew.


ermita magdalena

hospital magdalena


On his return from Paris, Ignacio spent three months in this hospital showing his teachings. By that time, he already had many followers and what to say in his town, so every time he gave mass the hermitage was filled up and the sick who could not approach her, had put them by the window so they could see him and hear him. The Hermitage is found as in the thirteenth century, with the same soil and the pilgrim way, I took off my shoes to enter it. The hospital, however, has undergone a great change but has only one theme: Ignacio de Loyola. I have not been the only visitor, since there are people from all over the world around here, as evidenced by the Chinese or Japanese signatures, or ... well from the east, which appears in the guestbook.


firma inaki sare


The day has been long and I'm out of luck, I'm going to get in the car and head home. But, suddenly I am surrounded by people who go from bar to bar through the streets of Azpeitia. Clear! The pintxo-pote! This is a divine message. I have entered a bar called Zuhatz and leaning on the dart machine, and along with a beer, I have been served a pintxo ...


pinchos azpeitia


The day has been full of colours, reddish, blue, green, black, white ... but it is time to immerse me in the colours of the different skewers. Today, the bartender from under my house will miss me.


inaki sare parroquia


Thank you to Paco and Miren for making this an unforgettable experience. Also, thank Oihana and Maixa from Urola Turismo for taking care of me and giving me all the necessary information and advice.





Iñaki Sare



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